Сергей Добров

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Сергей Добров

Сергей Добров, известный также как Binary.

Автор J2J, Habahaba, Habahaba.im. Основатель и администратор JRuDevels.

Персональная информация[edit]

В этой вики он участвует под именем Binary.

In english[edit]

Sergey Dobrov in Membership Applications Q4 2011

My name is Sergey Dobrov. I am a founder of the jrudevels.org community. The aim of our community is to help Russian spoken developers to develop any XMPP-related software. We are give any necessary support to the developers (computing resource or just help with the protocols), help users to start use XMPP, maintaining Russian knowledge database on any XMPP aspect (jawiki.ru).

Also, I am an author of the J2J transport, Habahaba, some little transports that's are served on the xmpp:jrudevels.org server. xmpp:jrudevels.org is not public xmpp-server but all resources on it is available for any XMPP user. Now I am working on my own xmpp library (named twilix and based on twisted) for python that aims to make xmpp developing easier and faster thing. Also I am working on the prototype of microblogging system based on XEP-0277 - LIJ.

I am decided to create the application because I am trying to develop my own microblogging platform that based on XEP-277 and I see some problems in current specification and trying to solve it but I can't find enough support from other participants so the work is going very slow (making the solution not competitive).

I am included in the authors paragraph of the XEP-0277 but I am still unsatisfied for many aspects of it and I have many open questions on the standards mailing list, some of them are really urgent (from my point of view).